RT America established in Feb 2010 is an American pay TV that operates from Washington, D.C. and is O&O by RT network, a multi-language news service sponsored by state of Russia. It hosts the US-based programming of the network. The channel works to cover the news in US from a Russian perspective. The guests invited are mostly American journalists, activists, contributors and academic that come up with an alternative or some time deviant perspective. The issues highlighted by the service are different from mainstream news and stories. Wealth inequality, use of non-GMO, environmental issues and Anti-capitalistic views mostly dominate the programming. Apart from its America-specific content, the channel produces simulcasts of RT International.

In a move to expand the reach of its network, RT in Feb 2010 launched the American service. The Arabic service, Rusiya Al-Yaum established in 2007, RT Actualidad in 2009 and RT Documentary signing on air in 2011 were the part of the bigger move. A promo of Politicking with Larry King, a political talk show emerged on June 13, 2013, the preview would discuss the whistleblowing of PRISM by CIA employee Edward Snowden. Ora TV originally produces the programs of King. Former Governor of Minnesota, Jess Ventura and late MSNBC primetime host Ed Schultz are among the notable personalities who appeared on the station.