Public Television of Armenia (Armenian: Հայաստանի Հանրային Հեռուստաընկերություն, 1TV), Hayastani Hanrayin Herrustaynkerut’yun; also known as Armenia 1 or ARMTV, is Armenia’s public television station that began transmissions in 1956.

Armenia Public Television dates back to September 5, 1955, when the USSR Council of Ministers made the decision to construct 27 programme centres and five transmission stations in the Union Republics. On November 29, 1956, the date of Sovietization of Armenia, the first programme of Armenian television was transmitted.

The official opening of the Armenian television took place on February 9, 1957, as regular programmes began to air. Later that year on August 6, 1957, the first news programme was transmitted, titled the News of the Week. At first the news programme was not periodical, but by February, 1958, the news programme became periodical, which resulted in the creation of the news editorial office.

On October 13, 1957, the State Committee on Radio and Television Programmes of the Council of Ministers of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic was formed. According to the decree of the USSR Supreme Soviet issued in December, 1970, The State Committee on Radio transmission and Television was renamed to the All-Union Republican State Committee on Television and Radio Transmission.

In March 1973 the television station began its preparations for the changeover to transmissions in colour. Engineers for a colour mobile station, TV production laboratory, video recording units were obtained to begin this process. On May 1, 1973, the station made its first colour transmission from Lenin Square for the May Day Parade. Initially, the colour programmes were transmitted only from the mobile station, from the large celebrations, concerts, sport events of the country. Starting from 1978 about 50 percent of the programmes of the first and the second Armenian channels were in colour. Starting in August 1973 Armenian Television began broadcasting videotape produced programming, which made 70 percent of the programmes aired in 1978.

In November 1977 a new 311.7 metres (1,023 feet) high television tower was erected, and with the launch of “Orbita-2” – a space communication station, Armenia began to broadcast the second programme of the Central Television from Moscow via satellite. In 1978 it became possible to see also the fourth channel of the Central Television in Armenia.